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Dinner Church Exeter Welcomes You

A New Way of Doing Church

Dinner table above

Dinner Church Exeter
Wednesdays - 6 to 7:30 PM
30 Court Street - Exeter, NH

Our Story

Dinner Church is a new way to do church.  At Dinner Church, we gather around the table with other people and with God.  Around the table we connect with one another, sharing a simple meal, catching up on what’s happening in each other’s lives, encouraging each other in our faith journeys, and praying for each other. Around the table we also connect with God,  offering praise and thanks for God’s presence and provision,  sharing music that stirs the heart and mind,  telling our stories of faith, listening to the Jesus story, and remembering the life giving love of Jesus. 

Come Visit This Week

Every Wednesday at Exeter Senior Center

6 to 7:30 PM

30 Court Street

Exeter, NH

Is Dinner Church for Me?

Dinner Church is for you if:

You are looking to reconnect with a Church community after the pandemic disruption;

You are not able to meet on Sunday mornings when most Churches meet;


You are looking for a Church gathering that is more participatory and less presentational; more active and less passive;

You find it hard to connect with people at traditional Church gatherings and often go away feeling lonely;

You are longing to experience a Church gathering more authentic to how Jesus met with his first followers;  

You are nervous about exploring your faith and beliefs in a traditional setting after being away from it for so long;

You are looking for a Church gathering that engages every part of you: body, mind, soul, spirit.

Who Can Come to Dinner Church?

Dinner Church is a “come as you are” event!  There is no dressing up or covering up!  All are welcome whether you have been sitting at home bored all day or rushing in at the end of a busy day of work, school and family. 


Dinner Church meets in rented space at the Exeter Recreation and Senior Center. 


Dinner Church begins at 6 pm, but people arrive at all times because of long days at work, traffic jams, or family emergencies! 


As you arrive, we invite you to put on a name tag so we can more easily connect with each other in a personal way.   

New and Timely
Dinner Church is new and timely for us, yet a return to the way Church started.  When the Church started 2000 years ago, people gathered around tables following the example of Jesus.  In the informality and intimacy of a shared meal, Jesus' followers offered praise, thanks and worship to God; heard the stories and teachings of Jesus ; shared their joys and sorrows; and prayed for one another. 

What Can I Expect at Dinner Church?

​Our time around the table has five segments:


Gathering: A time of welcome and transition from our busy lives to a few moments of refreshment and reflection.  The meal begins with lighting a candle to acknowledge the presence of Jesus, “the light of the world”, with us, and with an offering of thanksgiving for food, friends, and faith around the table

The Meal: The meal is then served buffet style.  Our meals are simple and made by Dinner Church volunteers.  

Table Talk: During the meal, there is time for informal conversation and an opportunity to get to know other people at your table.  There is also guided conversation with suggested questions to help people share what's happening in their lives, and to consider how God is at work in each other’s lives, or to discuss important issues for the faith journey.  

The Jesus Story: The Jesus Story focuses on one of the many events from Jesus’ life or His teachings with a focus on encouraging us to journey with Him in a life of faith. 


The Table of the Lord:  Dinner Church concludes by following in Jesus’ footsteps by  “eating the bread and drinking the cup” he offered.  As we eat and drink, we remember Jesus’ death, Jesus’ resurrection life, and Jesus’ promise of grace, mercy, forgiveness and love for people of faith.

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