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More About Dinner Church Exeter

Our Story

Dinner Church is a new way to do church.  At Dinner Church, we gather around the table with other people and with God.  Around the table we connect with one another, sharing a simple meal, catching up on what’s happening in each other’s lives, encouraging each other in our faith journeys, and praying for each other. Around the table we also connect with God,  offering praise and thanks for God’s presence and provision,  sharing music that stirs the heart and mind,  telling our stories of faith, listening to the Jesus story, and remembering the life giving love of Jesus. 

Dinner Church is new, and timely for us, but it is actually a return to the way     Church all started.  When the Church was first formed 2000 years ago, people gathered around tables recreating the meals Jesus enjoyed with people during his three-year earthly ministry.  In the informality and intimacy of a shared meal, Jesus' followers offered praise, thanks and worship to God; heard the stories and teachings of Jesus to guide them along the way; shared together the ups and downs of their life journeys; and prayed for one another. 

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